In FAIT we firmly believe in quality, reliability and transparency.

  • Quality, reliability and transparency that guarantee in relations with our customers.
  • Quality, reliability and transparency which in turn expect our suppliers.

Because a relationship customersuppliers based on these principles guarantees everyone the maximum benefit, compresses unnecessary time, guarantees high quality of supplies, materials, equipment and very low incidence of abnormalities and complaints.

A system based on these principles work better and protect all those who work seriously.

For this we are not afraid to open the doors of our company, to let you know what’s behind the name FAIT.

  • You will find experienced people who work conscientiously.
  • You will find reliable suppliers that guarantee their products and compliance with the specifications.
  • We will find, finally, a Corporate structure solid and reliable, which works with certified quality, which regularly pays his collaborators and suppliers and which is largely industry-leading including as regards standards of credibility and financial standing.

Our Quality: UNI EN ISO 9001

The standards which must be met to achieve certification of the ISO 9000 series are the result of the work of the International Organization for Standardization that defines the requirements for quality management systems business.

ISO 9001 is the best known and is applied worldwide to the systems of quality management.

The ISO 9001 certificate is, in a nutshell, states that:

  • the activities of a company reflect the minimum requirements of the standard and
  • the end customer can be confident that the products / services provided correspond to certain requirements.

Our Reliability: Report Cribis Adviser

Every day is more important for suppliers and customers to know “who” you are selling and Who” you are buying.

Knowing the degree of reliability of the counter party, its average payment, its economic and financial situation allows, in fact, to predict with reasonable certainty the behavior and avoids unnecessary risks.

As for FAIT, worth highlighting two report data CRIBIS :

  • Our payment terms: one day of average delay
  • our strength: 98% of Italian companies is likely to cease superior to ours

For everything else, take the time to learn even more: the report is available to you.